The Value of Traditional Jade in Modern China

I am looking for people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds (particularly Chinese) and those who have an interest in the jade stone to take part in my survey. The purpose is to find out whether traditional jade is still viewed today as the precious stone as it was many years ago.

I would greatly appreciate if you could answer the following questions as fully as you can. In return, I promise to answer your surveys should it be relevant! 😀




The Value of Traditional Jade in Modern Culture



About you…

1. What is your gender?

2. What is your age/ age group?

3. What is your ethnicity?




About Jade…

1. How would you describe jade? Eg colour, texture,

2. What pieces of jade do you have? What do they mean to you? Eg sentimental value.

3. Jade has been used in Chinese culture for centuries. Do you think it holds the same significance today as it did hundreds of years ago? Why?

4. Why is jade important to Chinese Culture? What is your opinion about jade? Do you value it in the same way?

5. In what ways do the older generations’ perception of jade differ from the younger? E.g. younger people don’t value jade in the same way because…

6. In what ways do the Chinese value jade differently from western cultures?

7. How important is it to keep the tradition of jade alive within Chinese culture?

8. “Gold has value, but jade is invaluable.” What do you think of this quote? would you agree or disagree?

9. Is there any stone you think is more valuable than jade? In what ways do they differ?

10. Is there anything else you would like to add?




Please email your answers to

Or to reply anonymously use the comment box.

Thank you for taking your time to answer! 😀


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